Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Eureka, the free academy for learning challenging problem solving! Eureka furnishes on https://eurekaacademy.co (the Website), an online platform with various services, which can be used by Eureka members. For all use of the Website, these terms and conditions for membership (the Member Terms) will apply. Your acceptance of the Member Terms, either by using the Website or by becoming a member, constitutes an agreement with Eureka to follow the Member Terms.

1. Terms for becoming a member

Any natural person can be a member of Eureka. To be a member you must agree to follow the Member Terms. There is no membership fee.

2. Membership

The membership is personal. The membership may not be for a company or other legal entity. The membership is valid until further notice, and you may terminate your membership at any time. If you do not follow the Member Terms your membership can be terminated with immediate effect. The membership can also be terminated if you have not been active at the Website for a period of 120 consecutive days. If the membership is terminated all your personal information, writings, saved progress, etc. will be removed from the Website.

3. Change of the Member Terms

The Member Terms could be changed and you will then receive a message about this by e-mail. If you do not accept the change of the Member Terms you can choose to terminate the membership. If you continue to use the services on the Website more than one week after the notice of change has been sent out, you are deemed to have accepted the change.

4. The Website

The Website is normally accessible 24 hours, all days, but may temporarily be out of order due to technical problems or current support. To be able to use services on the Website you may have to download special software supplied by us or by third-party suppliers. The services on the Website may be changed so that old services disappear and/or new ones are added.

5. Your writings/pictures/video clips etc.

You are responsible for everything which you upload to the Website, eg writings, pictures, video clips, (Material). This means among other things the following:

• You may not upload Material that could be offensive to other members.

• All Material must be true and not misleading.

• You must have the copyright to all Material that you upload.

• The Material may not have a commercial purpose.

Eureka will go through all Material that a member upload and has the right, without contacting the member, to remove Material from the Website which Eureka deems to violate the Member Terms.

6. Username and password etc.

You are responsible for keeping your username and password confidential. Choose a password that contains both letters and numbers and be careful to log out after each visit to the Website. Remember that the membership is personal, and you may not let any other person use your username and password.

7. Personal data

You are aware of and accept that Eureka stores, treats and presents personal data which you upload on the Website. You further accept that Eureka stores and treats other personal data which you submit to Eureka through the Website or in other ways.

Eureka will not disclose your e-mail address or other personal data to anyone.

Eureka may use so-called cookies on the Website. Information in such cookies is however not linked to any personal information of the members. You may adjust your browser so

that it will not accept cookies, but certain services at the Website that depends on cookies may then cease to function.

8. Liability

Eureka has not controlled and cannot control if Material is correct and true.

Eureka has therefore no liability whatsoever for any faults or errors in the Material and has further no liability whatsoever for any lack of accessibility to the Website and any potential damage that such faults or errors or lack of accessibility may cause.

9. Dispute

Potential disputes related to Member Terms and/or the use of the Website and its services shall be settled, in the first instance, by the Stockholm district court and in accordance with Swedish law, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.